Reading through the Scriptures Together

journalThis fall, we are excited to offer opportunities for all members of our congregation to journal their journey through the study of scripture. The goal being for you and your families to get in your Bible and enjoy reading God’s Word! There are a variety of reading plans and options to best suit you and your family, all laid out below. “Life Journals” for Youth and Adults and “Children’s Life Journals” for ages PreK – 5th Grade are available at Westminster during office hours. If you are not able to pick up a journal in person, one can be delivered to your home.


Adults will be meeting for Bible Study on ZOOM Sunday mornings from 9:45-10:30 a.m. Youth will be meeting in various ways in person or on Zoom each week. Below are your options to follow along.

  1. You can pick-up a Life Journal booklet and follow the Reading Plans provided.
  2. For those who do not need a journal, but need the reading plan here are the Classic Reading Plan and the Express Reading Plan.
  3. *You can utilize the YouVersion Bible App ( as your tool to read through the scriptures. We will be following the Life Journal Reading Plan.

Child's journal


The “Children’s Life Journals” offered are for ages PreK – 5th Grade. Each journal has a reading plan (broken out according to age) and journaling pages. There are some incredible instructions provided in the journal which will be helpful as you begin September 1!

Children will have weekly Wednesday WiNK ZOOM nights to check-in on each other and their readings.


We invite families to work together or independently. Parents can read through the Children’s Life Journal together OR invite your child(ren) to read through the Children’s Life Journal independently while you do your own studies through the Adult plan outlined above. Either way, we want you to get in your Bibles to study God’s Word.

If you have any questions about the reading plans or how to get a journal if you are unable to pick one up at the church office, please reach out to Pastor Lissa Long at