1. Indoor meetings and gatherings in classrooms are exclusively virtual. Indoor gatherings in large areas (Sanctuary and Covenant Hall) for groups 25 or fewer. Covid protocols observed; Zoom option available when feasible. All meetings scheduled through the church office.
  2. Outdoor gatherings are permitted with the following protocols: Hand sanitizer available; 6ft social distancing; all meetings scheduled through the church office.
  3. Opening the Spigot: Resuming activities on a case-by-case basis with Covid Protocols observed. Daily Prayer Service on Tuesdays and Wednesdays; Sunday Worship-Allowing small groups (invitation only) to attend in the sanctuary for special purposes such as confirmation, ordination, and baptism; Preschool; Youth Gatherings; Mission Projects including Hands of Christ, Backpack Buddies, and Reading Partners; Worship prep class for 1st graders; Cub and Boy Scouts, following approved protocols.
  4. Resuming in-person worship on Sunday October 11 with the following protocols:

WPC Reopening Guidelines for Sunday Worship

Deciding Whether or Not to Attend

  1. There will be only one service, at 11:00 a.m. We can socially distance approximately 80 worshippers in the sanctuary, and approximately 40 worshippers in Covenant Hall as overflow to view the live stream, until we add a second Sunday morning service in the sanctuary.
  2. No one should feel any pressure to attend in-person service at this time. Choose what is best for you and your family. Please note, there will be no nursery, Childrens’ or Wee Church during the Sunday morning worship service.
  3. If you have young children, this may be their first time back in the sanctuary in a long time. You may be worried about how they will behave, if they will make too much noise, or if they will be too wiggly. Please don’t worry at all! We welcome the signs of life- especially after going so long without it! Please note: we won’t have the worship bags (with crayons and coloring pages) available for children, but you are welcome to bring things from home.
  4. We will be live streaming the 11:00 a.m. service as well as recording it so you will be able to continue to participate in worship even if you stay home.

When You Arrive on Sunday Morning

  1. Only the main door (facing Sam Rittenberg) and the side door (by the office) will be open on Sunday mornings.
  2. Everyone is required to wear a mask upon entering the church. If you don’t have a mask, the ushers will have plenty available for you and your children (older than 2). Wearing a mask, along with social distancing, is the best way for us to prevent the spread of COVID-19 among our church family, especially given the fact that up to half of all people who have the virus don’t feel or display any symptoms.
  3. Hand sanitizer will be available and should be used upon entering.
  4. In the sanctuary, every other pew will be roped off and closed to provide as much social distancing as possible. Hymnbooks, Bibles, and other materials normally found in the pews have been removed. You may bring your own Bible to use during the service; the hymns are printed in the bulletin. In order to minimize touch contamination, please pick up your own bulletin from the narthex table.
  5. Ushers will guide you and your family to a properly distanced seat, starting with the front of the sanctuary. Please graciously allow them to do so in order to maintain social distancing while safely maximizing occupancy.
  6. All restrooms will be open for use, one at a time please.

During the Service

  1. We will not be singing, as singing has been found to increase significantly the risk of spreading the virus.
  2. During time for children, the children will remain with their family and not gather on the chancel steps.
  3. Offering plates will be at the entrances/exits to receive your offering.
  4. Please keep your mask on through the entire worship service.

After the Service Ends

  1. The ushers will dismiss the congregation by row from the side aisles, beginning at the rear of the sanctuary, in order to keep us distanced as we exit.
  2. Please place your used bulletins in the recycling baskets at each exit or take them home with you. Please do not leave them on the pews.


If it is a Communion Sunday…

  1. Communion Kits will be available in the narthex. Please take one as you pick up your bulletin. Gluten-free kits will also be available.
  2. The Communion Kit contains: a zip-lock bag, a sealed sanitizing wipe, and a small plastic chalice with bread on one end and juice on the other.
  3. When communion begins, you may remove and open the wipe to clean your hands, and/or absorb any spills. When prompted by the Pastor to take the bread, remove the seal and take it from the bottom of the chalice. When prompted to drink the juice, remove the seal and drink.
  4. Place the empty chalice and wipe back into the bag to take with you when you exit the sanctuary. Dispose of in the trashcans at the exits.          Download PDF