We have a constitution that provides for a representative form of government led by a combination of clergy and laity, men and women alike.

Westminster Session

Class of 2022
Nancy Dixon
Sandra Pell
Kendall Ramsay
Carole Russell
Nathan Snider
Graham Wade

Clerk: Priscilla Holtzclaw
Assistant Clerk: Carole Russell
Treasurer: Doug Earnst
Assistant Treasurer: Patty Stokes

Westminster Diaconate

Class of 2021
Rebecca Bazzle
Brenda Clarey
Paige Dadin
Alissa Ferguson
Beth Georgen
Mary McAbee
Hilary Parrish
Meg Powell
LeAnn Teitsort
Tom Whetstone

Class of 2022
Neal Axon
Lindy Coleman
Tom Cothran
Mary Davis
Deborah-Anne Ferguson
Shantell Frazier
Anne Klingshirn
Jill Patrick
Debbie Redmon

Susana Comte Walters

Ellyn Winkles

Co-Moderators: Mary McAbee and Beth Georgen
Vice Moderator: Meg Powell
Secretaries: Natasha Akery