We have a constitution that provides for a representative form of government led by a combination of clergy and laity, men and women alike.

Westminster Session

Class of 2020
Robert Coker
Eric David
Brenda Haile
George McAbee
David Purcell
Sally Rogers


Clerk: Priscilla Holtzclaw
Assistant Clerk: Rita Livingston
Treasurer: Betsy Williams
Assistant Treasurer: Patty Stokes

Westminster Diaconate

Class of 2021
Rebecca Bazzle
Brenda Clarey
Paige Dadin
Alissa Ferguson
Beth Georgen
Mary McAbee
Hilary Parrish
Meg Powell
LeAnn Teitsort
Tom Whetstone

Co-Moderators: Karen Norman and Meg Powell
Vice Moderator: Lynda Higgins
Secretaries: Donna David and Natasha Akery